Thursday, September 15, 2016

Our Second Day

Saugues to Aumont Aubrac

Beautiful day to start, Sunny and crisp.
Fantastic breakfast Everything you would ever want.
We hit the road around 10 am and made a stop for water for the road. The little shop had picnic items out in front for passing Pilgrims. Cheese, Fruit and Sausage. Perfect.
The day was a mix of sun and rain. We had to stop 10 times for rain wear our to take it off. There was a moment of hail. Not bad for most of the day. After 22 miles of trail we decided at 4:30 to hit the road and make a b-line for the hotel. Right in the wrong direction. I figure we added about another 5 miles to our day finishing in hard rain. I don't imagine we would have missed the rain if we had followed the road we were on and not what the GPS told us to do, but made it in safe and sound.

Here are some of the photos from today's ride:

Saint Jacques and Saint Garmin leading our way!

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