Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Day Seven

Figac to Cajarc

Heading out of Figeac was a bit chilly with clear sky. It warmed up quickly and we were soon down to not having to wear tights or jackets.

Most of the morning was climbing on narrow rocky trails. All well marked, never a question of if we were going in the right direction. The Chemin is so much better marked then the last time we did it.

Tough going all morning long, we hopped off the trail around 1:00 for lunch.

A beautiful restaurant with great food and big beers.
After lunch we got back on the trail until 3:00. Climbing all the time, we came across a young gal that was sleeping along side the trail. She caught up to us at our rest stop. It seemed as if she wasent really having any fun. Alone on this route could be hard with no one to talk to.

We finished the day with a 7km down hill. The air is sometimes filled with swarms of little white bugs that at speed hit hard. I seem to be getting hit more then Barb because Im in front.

The town is very nice. Lots of little shops, something to see on the way out of town today.

We went straight to the Hotel and checked in. Lundry, showers and a nap before dinner.

An amazing dinner in a very nice dining room.

Here are some of the photos from today's ride:

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