Saturday, September 17, 2016

Day Four

Aubrak to Estaing

The weather forecast for the day was 100% chance of rain all day. Figuring that it was true, we decided to not take any chances and stay on the road and just get to the next town of our evenings stay.
Suited for rain and all our carry on gear sealed tight, we said fair well to our house host and took the last photos of Aubrak before mounting the bike.
After the first 3 pedal strokes we started rolling. 30mph for a very long while. We could see for miles as we ascended out of the mountains to our next tow..
It started raining as forecasted . Not hard enough to worry about, but solid rain. After about 4 miles of not pedaling, the rain stopped. We coasted at about 25 mph for 7 1/2 miles where we had a short easy climb and then another 8% grade downhill for another 3 miles. We could see the next village below that we were not staying in but were going to ride by. It was another one of the rated, "Frances most beautiful villages" named Saint-Come-d' Olt. A nice little place with lots of old buildings to see but not much to buy. After rounding the town, we had coffee and headed on our way.
Down hill again, along next to the River "Lot".
Our next stop for lunch was in another "Most Beautiful Village" Named Espailon. More of a work a day town with everything one might want.
We found a little restaurant on the "Walking, Shopping" street in the middle of town that was simply fantastic. I had what I would call a duck sandwich with a green salad and Barbara, soup. Tiramisu with Champagna Cream in a jar for dessert.

After a short walk around town and a visit to the local Church where they burn candles, we headed again down hill to our final town for our evenings stay.

Following the river again, down stream, we arrived at our Hotel on the outskirts of Estaing around 2:45. It was the first time ever that we have arrived early. The sign on the door said, "Sorry, Closed. Open at 4:00.

We decided to head down town and see the sights. A walk around town and a stop by the tourists office for our pilgrim stamp, we headed back, in the rain. It rained hard for only a while and then stopped.

We got to the Hotel shortly before 4:00, still closed.

After a bit, a kind man came to the door and said he was sorry and let us in.

The hotel "Manour" is an amazing place. Better the we expected. A fantastic room, dinner, and breakfast. What could be better!

The 3806 foot drop start of today's ride, rain or no rain was aq great way to forget the rough road of the past 3 days. We are ready for what lays ahead.

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