Friday, September 16, 2016

Day Three

Aumont Aubrac to Aubrac

The weatherman forecaster rain for most of the day so we headed out a bit early suited up. Although big clouds all day long it was only as we were ending our ride for the day when it was starting. Hard rain once we were inside.
Its remarkable how much thing have changed here in 15 years when we first did this route. There are many more Pilgrims and many more places to eat along the way. We only saw about 30 people during our whole trip in 2001, now we see easily 30 Pilgrims a day.
As rough as the trail is at times, we were able to ride a fair amount today. We only crashed twice when riding in a ditch our right cranks hit the side and we came to a stop. Barbara fell backwards into prickle bushes and could not get out! I just ate dirt.
The second crash was amazing! Somehow the timing chain, (The chain that connects the front crankset with the back) flew off the bike! It was about a foot away when we picked up the bike and got things right again. Not sure how this happened, but I went over the bars and sprained my left thumb and cut my left forearm. Barbara was shook up, but fine.

Lunch at a nice little spot that was filled with Pilgrims and local workers. Sausage and Fry's.

We finished the last 7km's on the pavement. If we had stayed on the trail, we would have been caught in the rain, A good choice as we both agreed on something for once!

Here are some of the photos from today's ride:

Aubrak, The town we stayed in for the night.

The Timing Chain

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  1. Beautiful shots! I hope you are taking advantage of the little chapels on the route, to say a wee prayer or two. Too many falls already and it is only day three. Although with all the pilgrims you won't be left in a ditch for too long.