Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Le Puy-en Velay

The start of our trip is tomorrow. The bike has been built and we have made our visit to Notre Dame du Puy.
Many steps up to a magnificent cathedral with a spectacular view.
This area is not flat. There will be a lot of hills over the next 2 weeks.
We have tryed something new this trip. Instead of throwing out the bike box, I have folded it up and mailed it ahead. We will call to let the hotel know what to expect. If it works, it could save us a whole day of looking for a box to ship the tandem home. we will keep our fingers crossed.
Our walk around town this afternoon was mostly up hill or so it seams. The walk to the Cathedral to get our first official pilgrim stamp was worth the climb. Seeing the Our lady of Notre Dame Le Puy, (another black Madonna) gave a smile to me as they always do.

Here are some of the sights of today's walk around town:

The Stamp from Notre Dame Le Puy

figures of Saint James at the Camino store


our candles in hope we survive the journey

Our Lady of Notre Dame, The Black Madonna

Say my Name

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  1. I only just today got around to checking the blog.
    Loving the pictures. Nice work. You two stay safe and have fun!