Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Our first day on the Chemin

Le Puy to Saugues

Raining to start. We had a short dry break around noon for a picnic lunch and then Hard rain for the rest of the afternoon.
We stayed with the trail for about 15km to start. Walking when it was looking slippery or too rocky.
I guess I should know better. I of course brought rain gear. I was fine in the morning, but after lunch, it came down hard. We took a short coffee break and afterwards hopped on the road and headed for our hotel. The signs said 29km. All down hill for about 12km, I started to go hypo so we took cover at another cafe.
with only 17km to go and total body shiver, we asked if there was any cab that we could call. The bartender said his boss would be back and he would ask.
"No problem! I have a van", he said and in a short while we were on our way!
It was a good thing too because it was now raining harder and it was all up hill!
We made it to the hotel, soaked to the bone, we are now happy, warm and dry.

The weather for the next 2 days is more of the same, but next time I will dress for the occasion!

Here are some of the photos from todays ride:

Peter saved our lifes today! Thank You Very Much!


  1. Thank you PETER for saving them. Day One down, thankfully not literally - wet, yes, down not so nice!