Saturday, September 24, 2016

Day 11. Back on the trail.

Moissac to Saint Antone

Packing the bags we were really not sure if we would ever see them again. Heading off to a distant place, not in the center of any town but on the trail. Barbara was also a bit worried because the place we were going to be staying did not have an address.

We hit the road around 9:45 for a big department store on the busy road called "E.Leclerc". We see them all over, but have never had to stop. Our mission: A new Camera. A Sony wx350 to be exact. The RX 100 had given up on us and we now needed something to record the next 5 days of French Adventore.

Ehe ckerk was a bit puzzled by me pointing and saying "I Want To Pay You For This!" After 2 trys, he got it and said, "I will be right back"

Nice, a new camera. Always a good start to the day! i wish I didn't have to buy one, but what is a better reason?

Our ride started out along the River Tarn that turns into the Garonne after a bit. A paved trail that was once a tow path. Then for some reason, it had us turn off, Climb a huge hill, and the come back to it! Great view but other then a visit to a cute village and a massive river overlook, not a good idea.

Some dirt but mostly country road, we road along at a good clip now looking for lunch. The plan was to go to another "Most Beautiful Villages" (and it was) for lunch.

After a good sized paved hill climb we found the center of town and a restaurant that was opened but full.
They said that they would be happy to serve us, but we would have to wait. That was 1:30.

We hung out, had a beer and waited. After about an hour and a half, the table was ready. Ready for us to wait another half hour for someone to ask us what we wanted. She was suprized when we gave her what we wanted all at once. She tried to leave half way through, but Barbara stopped her and told her everything. Funny, she got it.
The table next to us came in, was seated and had food. all at once. I guess you have to know someone.
Dinner was great. everything you would expect and then some.

After lunch we headed to the "Beautiful" center of town. Not bad. old buildings and great views.

We headed off on the road after about an hour of taking photos and wandering around. Barbara went for the stamp. I just looked around.

Deep French Country side. Sunflower and Corn. Not much of anything else.

After about 6 stops to check the map and the GPS we found the town. Saint Antone. Nice place. They were working on it with wire fence and big machinery. My guess is that if we ever see it again, we will want to move there.

We , after a while, found our hotel/hostel. Beautiful beyond belief. The sign at the gate said, "No Cars."
Here are some of the photos from today's ride:

Hey Look! Is that the trail oner there, that looks easy!

Duck and Cherry's

Oh, and by the way, Our bags arrived.

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