Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Day 15

Azacq-Arriziquest to Navarrenx

We started off the day in thick fog. Damp from the night's dew, all the spider webs were in full view as we headed out on the trail. We are still on clay. Happy to have never had it wet. Clay sticks to the tires and builds up until the wheels get super heavy and no longer pass through the frame. We have had this happened before and had to carry the bike to move ahead. The weather over the past 2 weeks has been perfect. Cool in the shade and warm in the sun. The only time the sun has been a problem is in the afternoons, setting in the West as we head west. In your eyes making it hard to see.
The clay path is super bumpy. Its frustrating because it looks rideable, but its not. We ride it anyway, very slowly. It has become steep again. Long walks uphill, sometimes shaded and other times in full sunlight. We don't talk while walking the bike uphill. Its hard work and it takes all you have got.
The downhills on the other hand are great. especially on the pavement the the Chemin has us doing often. Zooming along, looking for the "mark" If you miss one, and they do come up sometimes un noticed, it can mean another hill climb and lost time.
As it is, we have been making it in late. Never after the 7:30 start for dinner, but close. We have always had enough time to wash our clothing and get it hung up to start the drying process. Its so important to have dry shorts because the moisture rips you up.

Dinner tonight was simple but good, Shrimp, salad, and fry's. The fry's always do the trick.

Tomorrow is our last day. It will be the toughest and the steepest. Heading into the Pyrenees is not flat. For some reason, we never say them on the horizon until yesterday evening. It was after a huge climb on the last downhill into town. We were in traffic and it was not safe to stop.
The mountains are massive. Nothing like you see in New England. Its going to be work.
Here are some of today's photos:

Dorina, Shes walking to Santiago. We stopped and talked for about 20 minutes.

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