Friday, September 23, 2016

Day Nine

Cahores to Moissac

Getting out of Cahores was difficult. Packed and ready to ride at 8:30, at the last minute, Barbara found out the the baggage transport would not be picking up our bags. Their reason was that they did not go to the town.
It took a lot of last minute planning to make things work.
We finally headed out around 11:45. A longer route by dirt trail, we again headed out on pavement to stay with the plan.
After a what seemed to be a mostly down hill ride,(It wasn't) we made it to town by 5:00 and to the hotel around 6:00.
The riding here is mostly farming. Sunflower seeds for oil. Acres of Sunflower with bits of vineyard. The villages are about 6 miles apart and very old.
We are getting tired early in the day. Getting to town is such a pleasure! Having a day off for nothing but walking and sightseeing will be much enjoied!

Here are some of the photos from yesterday:

Our tandem, reading and waiting.

On the road again

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