Monday, September 19, 2016

Day Six,

Conques to Figeac

Nice start to a beautiful day. Great breakfast. Quiet and complete

Ready for rain, we headed back up to Conques center to take photos and do some shopping. Still, with plans of hopping on the dirt to our next town, Figeac.

Before we reached the center of town, all up hill, we stopped and pealed 2 layers of clothing. It was really starting to warm up.

We finished in town around 11:30. What the heck, time for lunch, well almost. We got onto the road and headed out.

Finally sun! Enough sun and clear sky to take off the tights and rain gear for the rest of the afternoon!

Stopping for lunch around 12:15. Afterwards we just went to our next town on the pavement. A well needed rest off the dirt trail and 40 miles on the pavement got us to town with a little time for a nap before dinner.

We both decided that we did what was best. It was not without work and hill, we were happy to get in at a good time.
Here are some of the photos of Conques from this morning.

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