Monday, September 26, 2016

Day 13

OK, so it is possible to have Duck for breakfast, lunch and dinner here. There was "Potted Duck" at breakfast, Duck spread at lunch, on the road at a snack stand and the "Duck Burger" for dinner, seen at the bottom of this post.
The riding today was great. Never a time when we had to push the bike. We did how ever walk for a bit, but it was just for a break out of the saddle.
We had a long section of railroad bed. A little damp at first, but a good clip for the last 3 miles. We remember this section from 2002.
The Chemin is much better marked then what it was when we first did it. We both seem to thing that some of the route has changed because the number of Pilgrims now. Barb seems to hink that possibly the land owners just don't want so many people going across their pastures with livestock grazing. Who would?

We had a fair amount of shade today. Nice to be out of the sun and to just keep rolling.

The Duck Burger. Ground Duck made into a paddy and grilled. Just Amazing!

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