Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Day 14

Nogaro to Azacq-Arriziquest.

Another fantastic day of riding. Less bike pushing and less rough, loose rock.

We are in a part of France that is mostly Corn field. In places where they have not harvested, there is not much to see. The tall Corn stalks make it like riding through a hallway.

There is still a fair abount of vine most likely for Armagnac. We have passed more corn than grape, but the vines are shorter and give a better view.

We started out around 10:15, late by all pilgrims standards. A quick stop to shop and for the stamp at the Office of Tourism that did not open until 10:00
A quick stop at the Cathedral and then on the road.

We came across large groups of walkers all day long, some spread out and some walking all together across the street.

Smooth going for most of the day. We finished at a charming hotel, owned and run by the Chef holding the bottle. An amazing dinner of Stuffed Trout.

Flaming Creme Brulee and a Snifter of The Best Armagnac I have ever tasted. A fantastic finish to a fantastic day!

First Place Winner in the category of "Amazing Mothers" This gal and her 5 children are walking the total length, non stop to Santiago. I can tell by their smiles that they will make it!

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