Monday, September 26, 2016

Day 12

Saint Antoine to Condom

Cloudy with a chance of rain for today. We had a small breakfast of coffee and cereal. Headed away from one of the nicest places we have ever stayed in Europe. One of my favorite things was I was thinking because it was a Farm Hostel, I expected the worse. Far from true.

Rolling hills with big views. Up and down all day. Not too high and never too low. We were most of the day around 500' above sea level. Far different from the beginning of the ride when our advantage altitude was around 3000'.

To give you an idea of what "Rolling Hills" here in South Western France, Here is todays profile.

Farm country for the most of it open enough to see villages off in the distance.

We reached the village of Lectoure for lunch. Lectoure has a huge cathedral that can be seen for about 4 miles before you get to town. Huge for a population of 3,700.

We are in the region of Armagnac and foie gras. Its even on the menu at Mcdonalds. They even have a McDuck Sandwich on a Baguette. (Kidding)
We were told by a fellow tourist that we will be riding in one of the best area's for food. We seem to think so too.

We saw our first Duck Farm today. Huge. Far enough off the road to see the whole thing and about 500 ducks, at least.

We got into Condom, (The town) early. Enough time to get cleaned up and a nap before heading out to look around.
This is an amazingly old town. Most of the buildings seem to me at least 300 years old.
A port because of the river, known for Armagnac. Our Hotel tonight was built in the 1700's.

Dinner was a walk across to the other side of the river. First with a stop at a wine and beer bar. Small, cute. They seemed to have an underground passage to the river bank for guests to sip along side.

There was a huge group of Bus Tourists the started off dinner with a song. We Loved it! We were not so sure how all the other guests felt about but no one was going to clap.

A lovely walk back across the river to our Hotel, we joked and laughed how I was never going to see our place of stay again with Barbara's "shortcut".

Here are some photos from today:

Heading out on the walkway from the farm hotel

Another cute town seen off in the distance

Tha Cathedral at Lectoure

Say My Name!

The Duck Burger. This was so good!

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  1. Gorgeous towns/food/scenery...what a great trip!