Friday, August 5, 2016

Here we go again!

Another Barbara and Scott adventure. This time to France.
Its been a while since we have been to France, 2012 to be exact, when we crossed northern France on the Via Francigena.

This time we will be riding the GR 65 or whats known as the "Chemin de Saint Jacques" Starting in Lu Puy-en-valay and ending on the Spanish boarder at a town by the name of, "St-Jean-pied-port"
The bicycle trip is our second "Go around" of the same trip we started back in 2001.

First stop will be Paris and a meeting with friends we met back 20 years ago. Back in 1996 we stayed in a town named Antony with a Sister City group out of Lexington. We are really looking forward to being with our close French Friends again!
We will be going to a huge Wine and Cheese Festival in Antony. Afterwards we will head South by car to start another ride of a lifetime!

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  1. Of course I'll follow along because I know I'm sure as hell not ever doing the like!